About me

My name is Vesna Tarsousi, and I am a translator and language and international communication skills trainer. I have several years of work experience in both fields of work, that, in my opinion, have complementary nature. I have completed my formal education in Vienna, Austria, and hold a master's degree in translation, interpreting and communication sciences from the University of Vienna.

Language Services

My services include translation, editing, text production, transcription, website localization, copy writing, and glossary creation in the following languages: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (B/C/S), German and English, and the following areas: art, culture, education, economy, diplomacy, social issues, tourism and environment. 

Translation and editing are offered in the following language directions: German and English into B/C/S, vice versa, and English into German. All other language services are available in all three languages. 


I offer language and intercultural communication skills trainings in English and German. I like to see myself building bridges across cultural and language barriers, and helping my clients accomplish their goals, without ever having to think that those barriers even existed. 
The trainings are customized for all my clients, depending on their needs, available time and goals. 

Do you think I could help you with other tasks?

I would be glad to hear your proposal and, if possible, offer a solution.